U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

From the article: This is what oligarchy looks like. This is what corporate power is all about. This is what greed is doing to our country.

Amazon, whose owner Jeff Bezos is now the wealthiest person in the world, has used its enormous power to repeal a very modest tax on profitable corporations in Seattle designed to address the affordable housing crisis in that city. Last year, as a result of corporate loopholes, Amazon didn’t pay a penny in federal income taxes. Meanwhile, half of Amazon workers make less than $28,500 a year – forcing many of them to rely on food stamps, Medicaid and public housing subsidized by U.S. taxpayers.

Despite seeing his wealth increase by $275 million a day over the first 4 months of this year, despite benefiting significantly from corporate welfare, Bezos and Amazon vigorously opposed a modest tax increase in Seattle that would have cost the company an estimated $12 million a year.

This is a perfect example of the kind of corporate greed that is causing so much pain in our country. The very rich get richer, and almost everyone else gets poorer. Our job is to stand up, fight back and demand that government represent all of us, not just the wealthy few.