it’s so hard to watch and listen to. but you must! oh, you must.

we must know what is happening and what he is saying.

please watch. and SHARE.
From the article: We’re at the White House where President Trump is holding a press conference. It should start soon.

start with baby steps then move on to maybes
then regrets, it’s the cycle life begets
get it wrong, try again,
get it correct
i’m losing time and gaining past
oh everything is moving so fast
fast fast so fast fast, fast fast
then so slow, then so fast

– alicia murphy (doxography)
From the article:

5 years later, Fukushima radiation continues to seep into the Pacific Ocean

In case you weren’t having enough fun …

#itsback #exceptitneverleft
From the article: it is incorrect to say that Fukushima is under control when levels of radioactivity in the ocean indicate ongoing leaks, caused by groundwater flowing through the site and, we think, enhanced after storms. At the same time, it is wrong to attribute to Fukushima events like recent die-offs of seal, w…