Ani DiFranco

From the article: The people behind the Electoral College Petition, the largest petition in history, are doing more than collecting signatures.

You can also go to their site to find out about protests in your area here:

Or volunteer to organize an event here:

Or add an existing event to their calendar here:

There is also a call to artists for sharable digital art to help spread the word about the petition. Submissions are starting to be revealed on ECPetition Instagram. Learn more here:

Historical Fun Fact! California, Washington and Oregon weren’t even a blip on the radar when the Founding Fathers created the Electoral College, so comments about how the it was designed to protect the people in the small states from the big bad blue block of liberals is just straight poppycock.

The Electoral College was designed to protect low-population Southern slave states, where black people counted as 3/5th of a human and plantations took up all the land. They didn’t want the Northern Yankees voting their slaves away.

It also happens to have a little failsafe clause that means the Electoral College could actually protect our country from being run by white supremacists.

sign the petition. if you’ve signed, SHARE.

From the article: