As a Black Man, This Is What I Have to Do in Order to Walk in My Own Long Beach Neighborhood – longbeachize
From the article: Longbeachize welcomes contributions from locals across the city. To submit guest column ideas, send an email with a pitch and partial copy to: **** Photo by Brian Addison. Above: a walker in Rainbow Lagoon in DTLB. I got myself back into taking 6AM walks but I had to remember….

Black men arrested at Starbucks settle with Philadelphia for $1 each, plus $200K for youth

Oh hey, look, more good people responding to adversity with integrity and kindness!!!!
From the article: Philadelphia agrees to set up a $200,000 program for young entrepreneurs after Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson were arrested in a Starbucks.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson to propose rent increases for low-income Americans receiving federal housing subsidies

This administration is just a full-scale assault on poor people.
From the article: The proposal legislation, which would require Congressional approval, would increase the amount low-income households are expected to pay for rent by three times, according to the administration’s proposal obtained by The Washington Post.

If incels’ violent misogyny had a role in Toronto, we mustn’t downplay it | Emer O’Toole

Do you know what an incel is? They know who they think you are. And they are angry. Very, very angry. This article doesn’t touch on the even half of the vitriol and violence these fellas spew. These killers are heros to them and they openly advocate for senseless violence (the more senseless the better).
From the article: A Facebook post supposedly from the killer claimed support for ‘incels’. We ignore this online poison at our peril, says Emer O’Toole, an assistant professor at Concordia University in Canada

The Root

The police tell her they are going to break her arm. While these large men forcibly manipulate this fairly small woman on the ground, they also pull her top off. This is the type of ridiculous scenario that turns all too often goes from drama into death. I’m glad she didn’t get shot. But she *was* assaulted and sexually humiliated by the police. In public. At a Waffle House. Over plastic cutlery.

Why do you think this type of thing happens? How do you think these police officers treat women like Chikeisa when they aren’t in a busy Waffle House lobby? Please tell me your opinion.
From the article: 25-year-old Chikesia Clemons refused to pay extra for plastic cutlery at a Waffle House in Alabama—so police arrived, slammed her to the ground and arrested her:

These Old-School Shops in Highland Park Just Heard Their Rent Will Rise By 250 Percent ~ L.A. TACO

from 1600 a month to 5300. the drumbeat of gentrification.
From the article: uben Flores’s antique typewriter repair shop has been a fixture of the urban landscape in Highland Park for decades. So he naturally felt like he was going into shock when he was confronted with the prospect of losing his place of business. His landlord came into Flores’s shop one early morning …

Finding a buyer in a dry market: Pa. dairy farms roiled by Dean Foods pullout

When people ask me why I wont shop at Walmart and why I say it is destructive to our communities and small businesses …. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE REASONS.
From the article: MERCER, Pa. — On a damp, muddy afternoon last week, Charlie Walls steered a 5,600-gallon refrigerated truck along the bumpy roads of rural northwest …