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From the article: I will not minimize the gravity of what happened today. I don’t need to. Terms like “Treason” and “Conspiracy” and “Impeachment” and “Blackmail” are now firmly in the mainstream parlance of even Beltway insiders. It’s about time. To all of them I ask: who is really surprised by the shameful spectacle we witnessed? President Trump has been nothing if not consistent about his willingness to obsequiously kowtow to a murderous autocrat who is actively attacking the United States. And at the same time, he is attacking our democratic institutions and undermining the very Constitution he has sworn to uphold.

The reasons for his display of fealty to Putin will, I believe, inevitably be revealed. In the meantime, amidst all these charred embers of American moral leadership, I remained convinced that this will not stand. This will not be who we become, as a country or a people. President Trump clearly does not represent where the vast majority of Americans want to be, the inflated huzzahs of his dead-end supporters notwithstanding.

This is a moment of clarity. There is no more denying who President Trump is. The question is who are each of us? And this will be the question going forward for anyone who has offered this administration support and excuses. I know many of you have seen this clarity for far too long and worry that another red line has been crossed with no repercussions. I understand the desperate frustration. But to all of you I say, pressure builds cumulatively. Republicans are now searching for bearings in a political tornado. Many more know what is really at stake than are letting on. They have a choice: their country or cowardice.

To those who see themselves in resistance, this is not a time for self-doubt. The moral imperative, the political imperative, the patriotic imperative is to organize a stinging judgement at the ballot box that will echo throughout history. The stakes are perilously high, but don’t underestimate the power of justice.

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a thread worth reviewing
From the article: “These tweets today from Trump’s account use some very specific and distinct language. (They definitely aren’t written by him.) So…I got curious and started researching. And I’m going down a rabbit hole that is weird af. That’s all I’m going to say right now.”

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If we all do what we can, we will change the world.

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From the article: Al Dornan, 78, began walking through his Wethersfield neighborhood carrying a homemade sign to show support for dreamers and immigrants on January 25th.

He walks 2.5 miles every day, rain, snow or shine and, at the time of the filming, just logged his 132nd consecutive day. After becoming frustrated with inaction in Congress he was inspired to start walking after hearing a voice in his head telling him it was time to act.

Despite living with back pain due to scoliosis and spinal stenosis, he remains undeterred and plans to continue “until I physically can’t walk anymore.”

He is a hero.

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hate parrots
From the article: At Trump’s rally last night, these little girls said that we need to build a wall because the “Mexicans are overpopulating us”.

Something that people don’t think enough about is how hate is learned. Their parents taught them to hate and fear people who don’t look like them.

Just tragic.


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here seth god in, who is not exactly a radical nor a conspiracy theorist, talks about how industrialists modified the original icarus myth to suit their needs and how public school was invented to feed factory labor.

Accept your own death, then let’s change the world.
From the article: This is the ugly truth behind why people warn you not to fly too high.

My Grandmother’s Desperate Choice

From the article:
“If I couldn’t immediately explain to my daughter how Win died, I decided, I could at least explain why. ‘She needed help really badly and no one would help her so she died,’ I told her.

Then I added a reassurance that I’m not sure I’d feel confident offering today. ‘It’s not a thing that would happen to us now,’ I said. ‘If we ever needed that kind of help, we would get it and we would be safe.'”
From the article: My grandmother died of a self-induced abortion. In the Trump era, her story has taken on a new sense of urgency.