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yes!!! let’s hear it for neurodiversity!!!

i am thrilled by the idea of neurodiversity awareness. this is personal for me. i’m *still* learning to love my brain for working differently and to value my own way of thinking, speaking, and being.

i am so happy to think that there could soon be a generation of neurodiverse kids who grow up learning how to use their unique brains instead of being written off as “difficult” or pumped with drugs.

From the article: It’s time that we stop thinking about conditions like ADHD and autism as ‘disabilities’ and recognize them as valuable pieces of humanity’s neurodiversity

U.S. Department of the Interior
From the article: Some of the first park rangers in America, weren’t rangers at all. They were Buffalo Soldiers — African Americans who served in the U.S. Army after the Civil War. They got their famous nickname from Cheyenne warriors, who likened their dark curly hair to that of buffalo hides. From 1899 to 1904, they were among the first people to work in Yosemite, Yellowstone and Sequoia national parks — more than 10 years before the creation of the National Park Service. These dedicated men protected wildlife from poaching, put out wildfires, built trails, roads, buildings and other infrastructure, and forged a proud legacy in our nation’s history. Celebrate them today on Buffalo Soldiers Day!

Digital Marketing 101 for Small Business Owners

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If you’re not, please feel free to enjoy this rare post from me that isn’t about some sort of global crisis! 💕
From the article:

In secret recording seized by FBI, Trump and Cohen discuss making payments for story of model who alleged affair with Trump

you ever get the feeling we’re all just extras in an Apprentice spin-off reality show set in the White House and that it’s being produced by some really bad dudes who are burying the real plot with a bunch of sideshow tomfoolery?

yeah, me too.
From the article: The revelation of the tape comes as longtime Trump confidant Michael Cohen has signaled that he might be willing to cooperate with federal investigators.