Social Media Manager

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The National Museum of African American History and Culture is hiring a social media manager! Applications close Oct 7.

cc: Djeliba Baba, Tasha Uptown Bid, Rachel McKibbens, Lainna Fader
From the article: This position is located in the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of African American History and Culture. The incumbent reports to the Assistant Director for External Affairs of and is responsible for creating, developing, executing and evaluating a comprehensive social media strategy that l…

9/11 at 15: The Falling Dominoes of September

“We greeted the 21st century with great anticipation. One year, nine months and eleven days into that new century, that anticipation exploded in sorrow and dread. Fifteen years later, the pall of poison smoke from that day still hangs low over us all. The great mission for the remainder of this century is plain: We must get out from under the control mechanism September 11 has become. We must stop the dominoes from falling. Doing so will require a foray into our deepest selves, a confrontation with what we have allowed to happen. It will not be easy, for there are some who enjoy being afraid and have a need to be told what to do, and they will fight to keep matters as they stand. There is also the monstrous profit motive to overcome. There will be pain, but pain always walks hand in hand with healing.”
From the article: We must get out from under the control mechanism September 11 has become.


“They’re able to do this because no one can do anything about it. They’re in a position of immense power and they’re using that power to eliminate something good and replace it with something that makes them money. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a business plan.”

note: this is a problem for more than a 3.5mm audio port.
From the article: Phil Schiller today caused the largest collective eyeroll in the history of the world with his explanation of why Apple was leaving the 3.5mm analog audio..